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Velovita and Team LOVIT

Timing is Everything

Built for Busy People


What You'll Discover

What You’ll Discover

Our hero product, Brān Reimagined,  will light up your mind and nourish your brain.

Learn who is behind Velovita and Team LOVIT.

Earn leveraged, residual income with a team-building compensation plan. Timing is everything.

Team LOVIT’s unique and simple duplicatable marketing and training system is built for busy people at any experience level.


Fuel Your Brain
Feed Your Mind


Nutrients that positively impact brain function and health

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Brān Reimagined is a three-stage nootropic delivered through leading-edge nanotechnology in a unique package that fits in any pocket.

Brān is different from coffee and energy drinks that affect your central nervous system. It is less expensive than energy drinks and much better for your mind and body.

Product Testimonials


World-Class Leadership

Co-Founders with success in the field and as owners. Field leaders who have helped thousands find financial freedom. Launching with the resources of a $100M company.

Amplify Your Life

Executive owners with more than 90 years of combined success in direct sales

Executive owners with no debt and growth financing in place. Every element of the business is done in-house with no reliance on outside vendors.

The company launches with customer support in 3 languages, it’s own software and technologies, a studio and video production crew, graphic designers and a full staff.

Building a solid base in the US and has the resources and expertise to expand around the globe.

Kosta Gara
CEO & Co-Founder

Jeff Mack
President & Co-Founder


Enjoy Your Freedom Income

Velovita’s compensation plan give you the ability to create walk-away income. The first company in network marketing to create a Retirement Program for anyone at any level who has been in the business for 5 years.

Here is a quick summary of all the ways you get paid.

Don’t miss out on people being placed below you by taking too long to decide. There are people joining right now that you’re missing out on. A sense of urgency and quick decision making pays with this compensation plan. Join fast. Build fast

Business & Systems Testimonials

Sample System 

The easiest way to build your Velovita business is to offer or sell samples. Once someone tries Brān Reimagined, they are hooked!

You can purchase an Influencer or Ambassador pack, purchase hard boxes and bubble wrap (the break if shipped in envelopes), and mail them out to anyone you want.  

But what if you don’t want the hassle of packing and mailing?

Introducing the…

Team LOVIT Ship 4U Program 

When you start with an Ambassador or Influencer pack, Team LOVIT gives you access to our “Ship 4U” program at no additional cost.

In this program we will ship your samples for you and your team to anyone in the US. 

This hassle-free system makes this a push-button business. Simple and easy for anyone to do.


Option 1 – Send Samples Yourself

You can send samples yourself from any pack you purchased.

This is the lowest cost way to share or sell samples to people. However, it’s not convenient for the busy person. 

If you don’t want to send samples yourself,  you have two options if you’re a member of Team LOVIT.

Option 2 – The Velovita System

Velovita will send a 5 pack of samples for you to anywhere in the US for $20.

This amazing services saves you a ton of time and is two day delivery via UPS.

Samples sent from Velovita do not have BV and can not be sent to a Box or PO Box. 

Option 3 – The Team LOVIT Ship 4U Program

The Ship 4U system will send out samples on your behalf in multiple sizes via USPS. All samples sent are from your purchases so all samples have BV.

3-Pack or 5-Pack  –   Full BV  –  as low as $10

Note: The Team LOVIT Ship 4U Program is only available to Team LOVIT members who purchase an Influencer pack or an Ambassador pack.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1 – Ship all or part of your boxes to our warehouse and we’ll let you know they arrived safely.

Step 2 – Login to your team LOVIT site and add your prospects info, choose 3-Pack or 5-pack, pay for shipping and press send.

Shipping & Handling is $2.30 for a 3-Pack and $2.80 for a 5-Pack.

If you purchase an Ambassador Pack, sending a 3-Pack of samples using the Ship 4U program will cost you (or your prospect) just $9.14

Get Qualified

Collaborate and Grow

Extra Bonuses

Rank Up and Retire


Your Choice

How Many People Do You Want to Impact?

Consumer Pack $64.95


The Team LOVIT System

A marketing website, a sampling system, a coaching crew and a community of real genuine people to help you grow your Velovita business

“Built for Busy People”

Duplication = Freedom

Everything you receive from us is instantly duplicated for anyone you enroll.

You and your team receive a complete self-replicating marketing system that saves you time and money.

This would normally cost as much as $30/mo but as a Team LOVIT Member there is no charge.

“I am the Duplicator”

Our Ship4U Sampling System makes sending samples very simple.

Purchase an Influencer or Ambassador pack and send us your inventory. We’ll pick, pack and mail samples for you at no extra charge.

Simple. Push-Button. Business.

LIVE meetings and webinars personalized to you.

When your guests attend a live webinar about the opportunity, they will see your name on the site and be able to click the JOIN button and it will take them to your Velovita site. 

The host of the webinar will instruct your guests how to get started right away so they don’t miss out on everyone else who is enrolling.

Leaders work one-on-one with members and learning systems that make it easy for anyone to develop the skills and maintain the mindset for success.

Your name is at the top of the quick start training so when your guests look through the site they will see that you are recognized and appreciated.

You also have an opportunity to become one of our trainers, coaches and mentor.

All our tools, strategies and websites are designed to work with social media and mobile devices.

You can build this business entirely on your phone if you want. 

Click. Earn. Repeat.

“You can make an income sharing products, but you can make a fortune sharing systems”


Start Your Journey

You’ve got this and we’re with you all the way.

“No one walks alone!”

Call your sponsor, , to let them know you’re joining!

Step 1

Secure Your Spot and get your product.

We recommend the Influencer Pack or the Ambassador Pack if you can afford it and want a hassle-free sampling system with full commissions on them.

Step 2

Get your FREE website just like this one and all the JOIN buttons will link to your Velovita website.

Step 3

Start Quick and do it the right way. It takes minutes and saves you years.

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